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Compass Designs believes in a user friendly environment on the internet by keeping websites clean and simple. Staying away from heavy elements and only using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Compass Designs offers to design clean and simple webdesigns and elements.

Compass Designs was founded at 9 September 2012 and started as a webdirectory. In 2013 the change was made to a webdesign service. As of yet the business has created some webelements and webdesigns for its customers.

"Creativity is the power of the mind"


Compass Designs offers a wide range of custom designs for your website. Compass Designs works from home-made templates and improves them to your wants and needs.

Compass Designs also offers website overhauling. Meaning that Compass Designs will redesign your website to look clean agian.

Because Compass Desings works only with HTML and CSS for the time being, Compass Designs does not include forms, database management or anything of that kind. Compass Designs just designs websites.

Compass Designs however does offer webelements like galleries for your photos and sleek designs.

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